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100% Handmade Shoes

When looking for a new pair of shoes, it can be hard to find something special and unique. Introducing Mr Dapper Shoes an Indian shoemaker crafting handmade shoes for the discerning man looking to add some personality to their look. With a mission to provide quality footwear that’s comfortable and fits properly, Mr Dapper Shoes is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something special.

What makes Mr Dapper Shoes unique? First and foremost, every shoe is made completely by hand to an extremely high standard, using only the finest materials available. By choosing true craftsmanship, the brand guarantees superior comfort, long lasting quality, and unique aesthetics that are desirable for any situation. From oxfords and derbies to brogues and boots, every shoe is expertly made with impeccable attention to detail.

In recognition of their superior craftsmanship, Mr Dapper Shoes guarantees that each pair gives exceptional fit and comfort, and is made of ethically produced materials.

Quality assurance isn’t just about delivering quality products, it’s also about being mindful of the environment. Mr Dapper Shoes produces sustainable footwear that holds up to the test of time. They use leather & premium materials that is vegetable tanned and azo-free, and the soles and heel stacks are produced with low waste and are recyclable. This minimizes environmental impact while still delivering stylish and durable footwear.

Making the absolute best in class footwear is the goal at Mr Dapper Shoes. The brand is uncompromising in its commitment to providing customers with long lasting, quality shoes that look and feel great. They will extend the life of your shoes through care advice, provide customization services, and a loyal customer service.

So whether you select a classic style or something modern, a formal pair or something more casual, you can trust that Mr Dapper Shoes will deliver quality, sustainability, and effortless style. Shop their collection online or contact them to discuss custom designs.

100% Handmade Shoes
Premium Quality Leather
Dedicated Customer support
Exceptional Durablity & Comfort